Election News

Thursday 6th May saw voting in the General Election and local elections for Leeds City Council. Farnley & Wortley Green Party were involved in both, as Andy Parnham sought re-election as a councillor, and David Blackburn was a candidate in the Leeds West parliamentary constituency.

In the end it proved a disappointing climax to several months’ hard work. David Blackburn obtained a creditable 1832 votes, but at 4.7% fell just short of having his deposit returned. In the council election Andy Parnham polled a very impressive 2563 votes, but came second to the Labour candidate. In a normal council election Andy Parnham’s tally would have been enough to secure a clear victory. However with the General Election being held on the same day voter turn out was much higher and the local election results saw a rise in the three main parties’ votes, closely following the trends of the parliamentary ballots. We would like to thank all those who voted for Andy and David in the elections. Be sure we will continue to fight to represent your views.

Farnley & Wortley ward has lost an excellent hard working councillor. We would like to thank Andy for all his efforts in  for the people of Farnley & Worley ward, and for the Green group in the council.


Leave a Reply - For more urgent queries it is best to ring your councillors. If you wish to speak directly to Cllr Ann Blackburn or Cllr David Blackburn ring 0113 2790336 / 07943 780914. For more contact details see the Councillors page.

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