Do you need help or advice? Your Councillors carry out 10 surgeries every month in different parts of the ward. Details follow below:

Cllr Ann Blackburn

Cllr Ann Blackburn – Party Whip

Correspondence Address:
9 Cobden Grove
LS12 5PA

Phone:  (0113) 279 0336


Bus. Phone:  (0113) 395 1435

More information



(Except Bank Holidays)

1st Saturday of the month
9.30am – 10.30am Lower Wortley Community Centre
11am – 12pm St John’s Church Wortley

2nd Saturday of the month
10am – 11am St Wilfrid’s Church, Whincover Drive

3rd Saturday of the month
10am – 11am  St James’ Church, Whitehall Road
11am – 12pm Highfield Methodist Church

4th Saturday of the month (except December)
10am – 11am St. Wilfrids Church, Whincover Drive
11.30am – 12.30pm Old Farnley Community Centre
1pm – 2pm Main Line Club, Pudsey Road

2nd Tuesday of the month
3:30pm – 4:30pm Heights Drive Housing Office, Heights Drive


Cllr David Blackburn

Cllr David Blackburn – Leader

Correspondence Address:
9 Cobden Grove
LS12 5PA

Phone:  (0113) 279 0336


Bus. Phone:  (0113) 395 1435

More information


3 thoughts on “Councillors

  1. Hello
    I live on the Leysholmes and wondered if there was any possibility that something could be done about the very dangerous mini roundabout at the bottom of the hill. I use it on a daliy basis and see lots of very near misses. I find it extremley dangerous and dread using it, especially pulling out from Greenhill Lane. In doing so when its clear, drivers coming along Lower Wortley Road, in front of the Ritz chip shop, if they see that Dixon Lane and Oldfield Lane are clear ecelerate onto the rounabout and if your coming off Greenhill Lane exit its very scary to have them coming at you at speed. I have 2 young children in back of the car too. I’m sure I’m not the only person to have concerns about this. Could anything be done about it, traffic lights maybe? I know it would take longer to filter every motorist through but at least it would be safe. Kind regards Mrs Hull

  2. sorry, also meant to say, that motorist coming from Greenhill Lane have a very restricted view. Traffic coming in front of the chip shop cannot be seen until on the roundabout. Thank you.

  3. Regarding the Fish / Duck Pond for Farnely Park Hall. I took my son down to the pond today for the first time and was horrified at the state it is in. It is full of rubbish and in dire need of cleaning. The poor ducks are sat on a bed of weeds rather than water. It is a real shame as it would be a lovely place to walk to in the summer months. Is there any possibility of the pond being cleaned up?

Leave a Reply - For more urgent queries it is best to ring your councillors. If you wish to speak directly to Cllr Ann Blackburn or Cllr David Blackburn ring 0113 2790336 / 07943 780914. For more contact details see the Councillors page.

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