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Local Policies

All our local policies can be found in Towards a Green Leeds, our local election manifesto for 2014.

Towards a Green Leeds Manifesto

 Download the manifesto here 

This manifesto aims to provide a vision of what Leeds would be like if the Green Party were to form an administration in Leeds City Council. It highlights the local policies our councillors seek to introduce as we work towards that target, and promotes the many reasons for the people of Leeds to turn Green candidates into hardworking Green councillors.

This manifesto was drawn up by a working group of members of the three local Green parties in Leeds, with Cllr David Blackburn contributing in an advisory role.

4 thoughts on “Policies

  1. Last year we received a leaflet through the door (Blue Hill Crescent) regarding the transformation of Cabbage Hill into a woodland walk area.

    Since the leaflet we haven’t heard anything else.

    Please could you advise what is happening with this improvement.


    • To LIndsay Hart – Re. Cabbage Hill – The money for doing this was to come from off-site green space monies from the developers on the old Upper Wortley Primary School, as the site was bought, but no development took place, no money became available. We now have some promising news on this, please let me have your address and telephone no. and I will keep you posted. Cllr. Ann Blackburn

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Leave a Reply - For more urgent queries it is best to ring your councillors. If you wish to speak directly to Cllr Ann Blackburn or Cllr David Blackburn ring 0113 2790336 / 07943 780914. For more contact details see the Councillors page.

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