Cllr David Blackburn hands Greenpeace Anti-Fracking letter to council

Leeds Greenpeace meets Cllr. David Blackburn


On Tuesday 19th April  Cllr. David Blackburn met Leeds Greenpeace and passed their letter to the council. The Green Party remains committed to campaigning against fracking.



Leadership change for Greens

Ann and David Blackburn, Leeds Civic Hall

By mutual agreement, on 20th May Cllr David Blackburn took over as Leader of the Green Group on Leeds City Council from his wife Ann who had been Leader for 4 years. Ann will now take on the role of the Party’s Whip.

On 8th May in her last full Council meeting as Leader, Cllr Ann Blackburn was in fine form, speaking about several items that were being discussed.

One issue was about the Deputy Police and Crime Commisioner being a political appointment open only to the Labour Party. Cllr Ann Blackburn told the meeting that she and the Green Party did not believe either the Commissioner or Deputy were needed at all and their salaries would be better spent on frontline policing.

Ann also spoke on:

The Children’s Heart Unit at Leeds General Infirmary, calling the consultation on whether Leeds should keep the unit “a sham”.

Leeds City Market, stating that the revised strategy should offer provision to guarantee traders the ability to assign their leases.

Skills, calling for more jobs and training.

The council meeting was televised and a full recording can be watched here. There are links to individual speakers.

Green Party 5th May 2011 Local Election Results

The Green Party results in Leeds for the Local Council Elections on 5th May 2011 are as follows:

Adel & Wharfedale Paul Marchant  337 (4.08%)

Armley Jane Morrison  748 (13.70%)

Beeston & Holbeck David Smith  308 (6.56%)

Bramley & Stanningley Kate Bisson   514 (10.01%)

Burmantofts & Richmond Hill Peter Exley  356 (6.56%)

Chapel Allerton Colin Noble  484  (7.47%)

Crossgates & Whinmoor Ben Goldthorp  253  (3.94%)

Farnley & Wortley Ann Blackburn  2995 (47.42%) ELECTED 

Guiseley & Rawdon Colin Avison  529 (6.92%)

Harewood Patricia Capstick  400 (5.36%)

Headingley Christopher Foren  682 (17.57%)

Hyde Park & Woodhouse Robert Simpson  689 (18.30%)

Kirkstall Morgan Tatchell-Evans  527 (9.35%)

Pudsey Irene Dracup  321 (4.67%)

Roundhay Paul Ellis  559 (6.53%)

Weetwood Martin Hemingway  596 (8.96%)

Thank you for your support.

The 2011 Olof Palme Memorial Peace Lecture

The Praxis Centre, Leeds Metropolitan University
and Leeds City Council Peace Links Group present
The 2011 Olof Palme Memorial
Peace Lecture

Olof Palme, World Interests – and what Wikileaks tells us about diplomacy as an institution
by Professor Johan Galtung

Johan Galtung is founder and Director of TRANSCEND – A Peace and Development Network for Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means, with more than 300 members from over 80 countries around the world and Rector of TRANSCEND Peace University (TPU).

Professor Galtung has published more than 1000 articles covering a wide-range of fields, including peaceful conflict transformation, deep culture, peace pedagogy, reconciliation, development, peace building and empowerment, global governance, direct structural and cultural peace/violence, peace journalism, and reflections on current events, and more than 100 books translated into dozens of languages.

Leeds Civic Hall

Sunday 23rd January

More Information from: 0113 2474339

Free guest entry: email stating name and desired number of places

Greens’ agreement with Labour Group means free insulation scheme for Leeds

On 27th May at the Leeds City Council Annual General Meeting the two Green Party councillors voted with the Labour group’s 48 members to enable Labour to form a new minority administration to run the Council.

Cllr. David Blackburn, Green Party spokesman on Fuel Poverty and Climate Change today welcomed the Green Party’s agreement that has enable Labour to take control in Leeds.

A key element of the Green Party’s agreement with the incoming Labour administration is to secure funding for a free insulation programme for all private households in the Leeds Council area.

It is estimated that this programme would cost around £30 million over a three year period, but half these costs would be met by energy utilities under their Carbon Emissions Reduction Target obligations.  Around 90,000 homes would receive free loft insulation or cavity wall insulation saving a minimum of £100 per year off their energy bills.  This would put around £8 million back into the local economy each year and the value of those savings would rise as energy bills rise.

Cllr. David Blackburn said:

“This programme would create 200 new jobs and save 48,500 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions whilst cutting residents’ energy bills.

The Greens and Labour will work together to identify the capital resources necessary to make this scheme a reality over the coming months.  It is anticipated that this programme will commence in 2011-12 and will enable the Council to hit the previous Government’s target on insulating every loft and cavity wall by 2015.”

This proposal is based on a similar free insulation scheme that was successfully proposed by the Green Party in 2007 in Kirklees.  The programme there has insulated over 50,000 homes and has won several awards.

Green support allows Labour to announce return to power in Leeds

Leeds City Council Green Group Press Release 

The Labour Group of Leeds City Council, with the agreement of the Green Group,  has today written to the Chief Executive announcing that they intend to form a Minority Administration which will take back control of the Council from the Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition that has run it for the past six years.

Councillor Ann Blackburn, Leader of the Green Group (Farnley and Wortley Ward), said:-

“Bearing in mind that Labour now have 48 of the 99 seats it would be undemocratic of us not to allow them to take control of Leeds City Council.  In doing so we have put forward some matters that are important to us as a Green Party and the Labour Group have agreed to work with us to implement them.”

David Blackburn for Leeds West

The Green Party has selected David Blackburn as your Green Party Candidate for Leeds West Constituency in the 2010 General Election.

David Blackburn is 58 years old and is married with a grown up son and daughter. He has lived in West Leeds all his life and currently lives in the Farnley & Wortley Ward, where he has lived for the past 28 years.

David was elected to Leeds City Council in 1998 as the city’s first Green Party Councillor and has continued to to represent the Farnley & Wortley area on the Council since that time. He was leader of the Green Party for 11 years. David is Chair of the Outer West Area Committee, Chair of Green Leeds, and Chair of Roseville Enterprises Advisory Board.

A Message from David

I feel it is a great honour to be selected by my party to stand at this year’s General Election. It comes at a time when the world seems to have gone mad. With the spectre of mass unemployment, where the culture of greed has nealy brought the financial system to its kness, yet those who are responsible continue to be paid their massive bonuses. At the same time we are having to live with the massive affects of Climate Change and environmental degradation. And, of course, the scandal of MPs’ expenses.

The time has come to change the way we have been doing things and change those who have been making the decisions. The fact is that if you elect Labour, Liberal Democrats, or the Conservatives you will get the same massive cuts, and they will eventually patch things up and then in 20 years or so we will be back to where we are now, nothing will have changed. On the environment front they will tinker about, talking about Climate Change, but won’t do the real things that are necessary.

Greens offer a sustainable solid state economy, where fairness replaces greed. We would create jobs in renewable energy and insulation – not only creating jobs, but helping reduce carbon emissions and ending fuel poverty.

I ask you over the next few months to consider a different way forward and support me in the General Election, and my Green colleagues in the Local Council Elections on 6th May 2010.